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Tentelometer Spindle Height Dial Torque Head Protrusion Accessories/Parts
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T2-Tentelometer Tape Tension Gauge Series
The Tentelometer Tape Tension Gauges are the most accurate, only universal method of measuring VCR hold back tape tension. You measure tape tension out in the tape path, near the video heads, where it's important! Unlike other back-tension measuring methods, the Tentelometer calibration can easily be checked and verified "in the field".
TSH-Reel Table Spindle Height Gauge Series
The Tentel Spindle Height Gauges are reference plane gauges that easily find problems impossible to find with any other method. They insert into VCR's like a cassette. The instruction manual explains the elevator latch check, spindle height, spindle wobble, Z-plane flatness, spindle end play and tape guide post height. For machines causing tape edge damage, the TSH Gauge series is not only the "fastest" test, but the "only" test to locate the problem.
TQ-Dial Torque Gauge Series
The Tentel Dial Torque Gauge Series provide a faster, easier method for measuring supply reel and take-up reel torque! Don't waste time removing the sides of the transport: just place the universal adapter over the top of the reel table. And there's no need to guess about how fast to pull the spring scale. The Tentel motor drive turns the torque gauge smoother than is possible by hand.
HPG-Head Protrusion / Eccentricity Gauge Series
The Tentel Head Protrusion / Eccentricity Gauge Series take the guesswork out of headwear and replacement. When the heads are worn, it may not be financially practical to fix low end VCR's; without this gauge, you'll be guessing. These gauges help to justify service based on remaining head life. The Head Protrusion Gauge series are a true technological breakthrough for a fast, safe, universal gauge for measuring both video head tip protrusion and video drum eccentricity.
From mounting stands to weight sets, Tentel provides a complete line of high quality accessories to further help you diagnose any problem. Including the Video Head Microscope TMS-1, which provides an erect image of the video head tips, magnified 35X.
         A sample list and information about Tentel's Genuine Factory Parts from Sony and Panasonic are available here as well.
DVCPro Mechanical Test Kit
Complete DVCPro mechanical test instrument package.  Tentel has re-engineered and improved the nearly 30 test instruments and tools for more accurate, easier testing of DVC transports.  The Kit is packaged in a convenient framed, lined attache carrying case with each tool and its location marked for easy identification.
ET-230 Electronic Tape Tension Gauge
The Tentel ET-230 electronic tape tension meter allows accurate dynamic tape tension measurements with your choice of 2 scale ranges. The upper scale provides readings from zero to 200 grams; the lower range provides readings in the zero to 30 gram range.
Betacam Training and Replacement Heads
Tentel's own field 'savvy' Betacam training, provide short cuts and field proven repair methods, along with theory and instruction manual corrections. These are the most complete training programs available. Tentel also carries a full line of Betacam BVW, PVW, and UVW replacement heads. These rebuilt heads are made to exacting specifications similar to the high quality original 'factory' heads.
General Price Information, User Instructions, Product Details
General price information, details about Tentel products, as well as user instructions.

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